How We Are Changing Lives

Empowering others is how we transform lives

The Difference Makers NPO avails us the opportunity to touch and change as many lives possible in every location and region of South Africa. Through our entities, The Difference Makers focuses on empowering the communities of fellow Difference Makers.

Why We Exist

As an organization driven by purpose, for a purpose and working daily in purpose, our essence are centred on the following:


We exist because we want to put a smile on someone’s face every time an opportunity presents itself to help, care or support. We go all out to ensure someone has a reason to smile.


We are here because we want to provide as much support as we can to those who are less fortunate. The biggest gift often times, is our ability to provide support that strengthens people in need, anytime, any day.


As an organization, women and children safety is a core driving force for our existence. We are against any form of violence. Gender-Based-Violence (GBV) is at the core of our mandate and advocacy projects.


Caring for the elderly in our difference makers communities is also a core component of our existence. We derive immense joy when we give helping hands and care through our involvements with the elderly in our community.

Our Women Focus

Women Empowerment remains the core of our existence, as it avails us the opportunity to touch more than one life at a time. When we empower women, we empower communities. Our goal is to empower the family so that they can empower the children. 

Our School Focus

Education is a sure foundation that we pursue to ensure that every child in The Difference Makers communities feel safe and have shoes, clothes, stationery, and books to learn every day.

Join Us In Touching Lives

Join us in helping others today