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Fixing A Sisters Crown

Ronewa Mudau was a victim of gender-based violence (GBV). She believes that no woman and their children should suffer or go through what she had to endure. With a renewed focus and mandate, in her NPO, Fixing a Sisters Crown, her vision is to restore hope, and dignity in women and children. Ronewa is currently raising funds to move out of the “Shack” she and her children had to move into after leaving an abusive situation and into a small brick house in Diepsloot. She believes that she can be an inspiration for other women to find their feet and raise up their children with dignity and dream dreams again.

Ronewa’s Manate:

  • Not to see any child go without food, a school uniform, or sanitary items for girls.
  • Encourage women to take charge of their lives and work to provide for their families in order to empower them.

Ronewa Mudau is currently supporting 25 women and their kids.

How it started:As a GBV survivor who struggled a lot, Ronewa saw a need for intervention to help the victims and children of GBV. Her Diepsloot community In Johannesburg is poverty-stricken. Sadly, due to influencing economic and other factors, some men are abusive towards women and end up leaving the women and their kids.

How does Ronewa make a difference?

  • She wants to help and inspire them with her own true life story as a GBV victim.
  • She wants to empower those women, encourage them to stand up and do something to get income for their children. Ronewa wants to change their narrative that children and the mothers are defined by their situation. They CAN change their narrative!
  • Ronewa wants to change its narrative so that they know that children and their mothers are not defined by their situation. They CAN change their narrative!

Which Community Project is closest to Ronewa’s heart?

  • Providing food, sanitary and school needs, to the children.
  • Empowering and inspiring women is very close to her heart.
  • The kids go to Musengavhadzimu Primary School in the informal settlement of Diepsloot.

What support does Ronewa need?

Donations of food parcels, clothes, and school clothes.

Ronewa would appreciate your support in joining her to make a difference through the food parcel, clothes and school shoes and other needs for children.

Funds to help women start their own small businesses

Another project Ronewa is passionate about is the support through business capital she provides to other women in her community to begin their own small businesses.