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GoRD by Tsidi Ramofolo

Garment of Rare Distinction

Tsidi Ramofolo – CEO of Garment of Rare Distinction

GoRD, a Johannesburg based company, manufactures bespoke clothing and accessories from African print and recycled material (or a combination of both) to address the issue of global warming by encouraging people to become conscious of what they consume. Tsidi empowers communities by teaching them skills and breaking the cycle of poverty.

See how Tsidi has been making a difference

How it started:Tsidi started it as a hobby that developed into a business at a time when she was unemployed. She decided to improve her sewing skills andby doing a bit of sewing for a couple of businesses in Cape Town. Later on, she joined the Craft and Design Institute which inspired her to develop what she was doing into a business.

How does Tsidi make a difference?

  • Initially Tsidi was keen to develop one-of-a-kind products (Garments of Rare Distinction). She was excited by the response she got with the perfection of each product once it was ready to be produced and sold.
  • Once she was introduced to upcycling and how to use recycled materials in her designs, she felt the need to go beyond just creating, but to really design products with a greater significance to the consumer value chain – including the communities. Her goal is to make a difference in the world of fashion and other areas of the value chain.

Which Community Project is closest to Tsidi’s heart?

  • Tsidi and her business partner, Zoliswa Mazibuko, are in the process of undergoing training as Facilitators. This will capacitate them to teach basic craft skills to communities in order to encourage self-employment. This will encourage self-reliance instead of waiting for the government to create jobs in communities.

What support does Tsidi need?


GoRD needs sewing equipment in order to start teach basic sewing skills.

Human Resource

Tsidi is also seeking for hands to join her, they can be people she will train to join her in doing the work

Working Space

Tsidi currently operates from a very small space, and she will need support in getting a much bigger space to accommodate the number of staffs working with her.

Raw Materials

Tsidi uses materials which she recycles and repurpose to make beautiful things such as bag, cloths, shoes, and more. So donations of these materials will truly go a long way in helping GoRD build and empower other women.