Our Success Story with

South African Women In Action

Our Focus & Mandate:

Lucy wants to see women and youth open and develop their own businesses to end the cycle of poverty in the community.

Community Training and Development Projects. | Develop Youth and Woman   | Help Orphans that sleep without food and shelter

See how Lucy (Modibudi) Seolela has been making a difference

How it started: Lucy started this as a Community project to assist women and youth in her community with Skills Development.

How does Lucy make a difference?

  • Lucy through the SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN FOUNDATION, is ensuring that school children have shoes on their feet to go to school.
  • She is also involved with the girl-child program where she supplies free sanitary pads and toilet tissue papers to schools and families in her community.
  • She is also using the platform to empower other women in her community to be difference makers.

Which project focus is closest to Lucy’s heart?

  • Community training and development projects.
  • Developing youth and women.
  • Helping orphans that sleep without food and shelter and blankets.

What Support does Lucy need?

Resources and Sponsorships

A corporate community sponsorship will help Lucy achieve more, and impact more lives positively.

Financial support

Financial support is a huge need as Lucy runs these projects with the little she receives for my kids from SASSA.